Together with TransitoryWhite I spent couple of days in Venice during the Biennale preview week. I had a little time to walk around the main exhibition and national pavilions.

Lc. 15: 11-32. Russian pavilion.
Russian pavilion.
Russian pavilion.
Russian pavilion.
Mondo Cane. Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys. Belgian pavilion.
Belgian pavilion.
Imaginary Cameras. Tamás Waliczky. Hungarian pavilion.
Biologizing the Machine. Anicka Yi. Main exhibition.
Can't Help Myself. Suan Yuan and Peng Yu. Main exhibition.
Dutch Pavilion.
Facebook. George Condo. Main exhibition.
Unfinished Conversations on the Weight of Absence. Belu-Simion Făinaru, Dan Mihălțianu, Miklós Onucsán. Romanian pavilion.
Roman Stańczak. Flight. Polish Pavilion
An Eagle Was Standing. Panos Charalambous. Greek pavilion.
Flamming Doors. Kemang Wa Lehulere. Main exhibition.
Globe. Ulviyya Aliyeva & Kanan Aliyev. Azerbaijanian pavilion.
The Slinky Effect.Ulviyya Aliyeva & Kanan Aliyev. Azerbaijanina pavilion.
Circular Repetitions. Orkhan Mammadov. Azerbaijanian pavilion.