I operated the camera and done the editting and most of the post-production on following projects:

Doll's Soul

Experemental fashion video featuring Luisa Doll, 2014

Weder gestern noch morgen

Short film, directed by Shirin Dyanat, 2014

Beef - Nikita Wunder & Dima Vinogradov

Short music video for Sporonositel, 2013

Falling Down - Nikita Wunder, 2013

Music video for Sporonositel

Clara Wieck spielt Schumann, 2013

Piano theatre by Lusine Khachatryan


Contact tango short film feauturing Jasminka Stenz

Der Sturm - in production

Short film, directed by Maria Zavadskaya and Dmitri Vachedin

Reverse, 2013

Experimental short film, directed by Irina Konykhova

Experiments with Processing, 2015