I photograph tango performances since I made my first tango steps in 2012. Or was it 2011?
Some questions that I'm asked frequently:

  • I am tango dancer and you have photographed me. Can I use the picture on my website? Yes, of course. Please give credit to the photographer somewhere near the place where you put the picture. Let me know if you need hi-res or something else.
  • Unfortunately I am not on one of these pictures but I would like to use one to illustrate a text, for a publication, on my web site or on my wall. Let's talk/write messages. Generally we have to agree on usage and kindly ask persons who are on the picture for their consent.
  • I am an organizer of a festival/marathon/milonga. Will you come to my event and make pictures? It depends, but probably yes. Contact me.
You can follow me in two ways: on Instagram or let's go to a milonga.